The fatal defect that will sink the Cowboys in the NFL Playoffs of 2024

Before the Cowboys play the Packers in the wild card round, here's why one mistake might ruin their Super Bowl chances.  

.In 2023, the Dallas Cowboys finished second in the NFC and were poised for a deep playoff run.  

Cowboys fans may be disappointed. Dallas has two key flaws that might end its postseason ambitions.  

On the road, the Cowboys appear like a bottom-five team yet invincible at home.   

They also have turnover issues. The good news is that their turnover troubles mostly occur on the road, which may explain why they suffer so in away games.   

Dallas may enhance their road performance if it can reduce turnover.  

Before their wild card game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, let's examine the Cowboys' potentially fatal postseason weakness.  

Dallas has had two teams in 2023. AT&T Stadium makes the Cowboys appear like the best team in football.  

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