The Golden State Warriors Announce a Serious Injury

Warriors guard Chris Paul, sidelined since January 5th with a broken hand, is set to return against the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night. 

Coach Steve Kerr confirmed Paul's availability and discussed his role, stating Paul will handle non-Steph Curry minutes and play alongside Curry to ease his workload. 

Kerr acknowledged the need to adjust the rotation upon Paul's return, despite the team finding rhythm with the current lineup. 

Paul is expected to come off the bench alongside Klay Thompson, forming a potent offensive tandem for the second unit. 

Kerr emphasized Paul's impact in the team's best lineups, hinting at his potential to close games despite not starting. 

The Warriors look forward to integrating Paul back into their rotation after his extended absence. 

Kerr highlighted Paul's ability to alleviate ball-handling duties for Curry, enhancing the team's offensive flexibility. 

With Paul's return, the Warriors aim to maintain their competitive edge and adapt to new lineup configurations. 

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