The icy-glam manicure trend for winter 2024 is blue velvet nails.

Opt for a Classic Blue Velvet Look: Stick to the basic blue velvet manicure without any additional designs or embellishments for a simple yet stylish appearance. 

Embrace Monochrome: Choose varying shades of blue for a monochromatic effect, creating depth and interest without adding extra elements. 

Minimalist Approach: Skip the intricate designs and opt for a minimalist style with just a hint of shimmer or a subtle matte finish for a chic and understated look. 

Single Accent Nail: Keep the rest of your nails simple with blue velvet polish, and designate one nail as an accent by adding a small jewel adhesive or a simple silver accent. 

French Tip Twist: Simplify the deep French tips by using just one shade of blue for the base and a darker blue for the tips, omitting any additional embellishments for a sleek and modern twist on the classic French manicure. 

Stars as Highlights: Instead of covering all nails with star-shaped designs, choose one or two accent nails to feature stars or other shapes, keeping the rest of the nails plain for a more subtle effect. 

Swoops of Silver: Limit the silver and white accents to a couple of nails, such as the ring fingers, and leave the remaining nails with the blue velvet polish for a more balanced and restrained look. 

 Classic Snowflakes: Stick to the traditional winter theme with simple white snowflake designs on a couple of nails, leaving the others untouched for a timeless and elegant appearance.

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