The Miami Heat are Fantastic Tim Hardaway Calls Allen Iverson's Crossover Dribble the Best 

 Tim Hardaway, a former player for the Miami Heat, has some opinions regarding who the real crossover king is  

 When asked who has the finest ever crossover dribble, the five-time All-Star and Hall of Fame point guard believes there's "no question  

 that he has the best crossover. He made a career out of dribbling defenses with his signature move, the "UTEP two-step.

 In a one-on-one interview conducted over All-Star weekend, Hardaway declared,  

"I'm the original crossover king." "Don't belittle me in that way."  

 Although he joined the NBA some years after Hardaway, Allen Iverson, the legendary guard for the Philadelphia 76ers and fellow Hall of Fame  

 , was frequently praised for his own ability to transition. But Hardaway, who has consistently.

insisted that he is a superior crossover artist to Iverson, clarified why his crossover dribble is superior to the former MVP's own technique.  

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