The Moon Lander Says Goodbye as Death Approaches 

 Odysseus, the Moon lander, concluded its brief mission one week after landing on the moon  

Before the long lunar night, mission control shut down the lander and received a farewell photograph of a cratered  

landscape and dark sky with a tiny crescent Earth in the Sun's intense glare.  

 After 50 years, the Odysseus mission was a historic comeback for the US

NASA used Houston-based Intuitive Machines for its Commercial Lunar Payload Services program to deliver gear to capture vital data for Moon astronauts. 

 NASA hopes to employ commercial ventures to focus on space science. 

 A fast fall and a forgotten locking mechanism nearly ruined the mission when 'Odie' approached the Moon without its range-finding lasers. 

 Flight controllers used a second experimental navigational system to direct the craft to its objective near the Moon's south pole.  

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