The Slippery Slope of Silence: The Palace and the Kate Middleton Crisis

Crisis communication groups rarely admit when the narrative escapes their control and becomes public  

 Media opportunities are usually suspiciously timed, revealing problems behind the scenes.  

 Kensington Palace said they would only update the Princess of Wales' health if there were “significant developments.  

 TMZ published a paparazzi photo of Kate Middleton a few days later.   

 Mom Carole Middleton drove her, and she was pictured in the passenger seat.  

 The viral photo had to stop suspicions and conspiracy theories concerning the Princess of Wales' health.  

 Damage control illustrates a crisis management lesson: silence is rarely golden.   

 Kensington Palace's secrecy about Kate's post-surgery state unknowingly fueled the public's curiosity and gave the media and public the story. 


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