The Spider-Man Star of Marvel Yuri Lowenthal Discusses His Knowledge of Spider-Man 3

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Spider-Man, hints at a potential Marvel's Spider-Man 3 but hasn't discussed it with Insomniac. 

Despite the success and cliffhangers of Marvel's Spider-Man series, Lowenthal hasn't been in talks with Insomniac about the next installment. 

Lowenthal shares his thoughts on the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and the possibility of Peter Parker's role in the future. 

He believes Peter won't be sidelined in favor of Miles Morales but acknowledges that plans for Spider-Man 3 are still in progress. 

Insomniac's focus is currently on Marvel's Wolverine, with Spider-Man 3's status uncertain. 

Plans for Spider-Man 3 leaked in a data breach, hinting at its eventual release despite no official confirmation. 

Insomniac's long-term plans might include Spider-Man 3, though uncertainties remain after recent PlayStation layoffs. 

Lowenthal emphasizes that Peter Parker's story isn't over yet, leaving room for speculation about the franchise's future. 

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