The Ten Most Expensive Quarterbacks for the 2024 NFL Season  

While the cliché goes that defence wins championships, the modern NFL revolves around good quarterback play.   

The player under centre, after all, touches the ball on almost every offensive snap, thus it stands to reason that he will shape your offence. Because of their importance, signal-callers earn high wages when it comes time to negotiate.  

But have you ever wondered who is the most expensive quarterback in the NFL today  

With that in mind, we've compiled a list that ranks them by cap hit and total cash, ensuring that both definitions of pricey are covered.   

And, as a note, these numbers are from before the start of the 2024 offseason, so any new deals and potential restructures/extensions have not yet been represented.  

As previously said, "expensive" can be defined in numerous ways inside the NFL world.   

However, cap hit measures how big of a financial strain a player's contract imposes on the team. Even if the real cost is lower in a given season, the salary cap number is ultimately important—you cannot go above the league's annual limit.  

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