The Top Ingredient That You Probably Shouldn't Be Adding to Your Salads, Per a Food Editor

I love salads! They're a staple in my family, especially during summer, and I've even started bringing them to work using leftovers from dinner. It's a great way to use up leftovers and create interesting combinations. 

One of my favorite salad additions is pickled vegetables, which I stumbled upon during taco night cleanup. The tangy flavor of pickled onions really elevates a simple taco salad. 

To ensure the greens stay fresh, I always drain the pickled onions before adding them to the salad. This step prevents them from wilting the lettuce with their brine. 

Pickled onions have become a regular part of my salad routine, adding zest to every bite. They pair well with various ingredients, enhancing the flavor profile of the salad. 

Additionally, I've discovered the versatility of pickled vegetables and now incorporate them into salads regularly. Whether it's spicy pepperoncini with mozzarella and salami or ginger-lime pickled carrots with steak or chicken, they always add a burst of flavor. 

Salad cleanup has become more exciting with the addition of pickled onions. Their tangy kick complements a variety of salad ingredients, making each bite more flavorful. 

Experimenting with pickled vegetables has transformed my salads into vibrant and tasty creations. From tacos to falafel, these tangy toppings add a delightful twist to every meal. 

They're so versatile and pair well with a wide range of ingredients, making salads even more enjoyable. 

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