This 30-second walking technique could help you lose a pound a week, expert claim

 People who walk 10,000–12,000 steps a day have lower body fat percentages and lower body mass indices, according to studies.  

 Individuals who include interval exercise in their routine can have an easier time losing weight.  

 In an interview that was republished on Monday in honor of World Obesity Day, Denise Miklasz,,,

,,, a personal trainer at Northwestern Medicine Crystal Lake Health & Fitness Center in Illinois

 stated that "the intensity at which you walk plays a key role in helping your body burn more calories and improve your cardiorespiratory system."  

 Every three to five minutes, Miklasz suggests incorporating 30- to 60-second sprints of brisk walking, interspersed with a 30-second stroll for relaxation. 

 You might reach your fitness objectives more quickly if you lift weights or do hilly walks, she continued.  

 Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) makes interval-training workouts burn more calories afterward.  

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