Tim McGraw says Faith Hill's 'greatest disputes' involve music.

As spouses and artistic partners, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, two well-known country musicians, have constantly presented a unified face.

The musicians have headlined three tours together and have been married for almost thirty years.  

Despite their successes on the personal and professional fronts, McGraw claimed that their line of work is the source of some of their "biggest disagreements".  

"After all, we're two distinct artists. Musically, we don't always agree. "  

Actually, when we're organizing a tour, that's when we have some of our toughest arguments," McGraw acknowledged in a Time Magazine "Person of the Week" podcast.  

He said, "Faith's very type-A." "I'm disorganized. I'll hurl clothing in all directions.  

She's always, always nagging me to pick up my clothes. I mean, I lived in a hotel for thirty years. Both inside and outside.  

I keep dumping everything all over the place, and she tells me to clean up after myself.  

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