Tom Thibodeau says Jalen Brunson has a ‘knee contusion’ against the Cavaliers. 

 Cleveland— The Knicks went home Sunday night feeling pleased and lucky due to star guard Jalen Brunson's prognosis. 

 Knicks beat Cleveland Cavaliers 107-98 despite Brunson's left knee injury looking worse than the organization thinks it is.  

 After the game, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau labeled it a “knee contusion” and claimed Cleveland X-rays were negative. 

 “Anytime someone goes down like that, you worry,” Thibodeau added. “He felt better afterward. He had X-rays  

 Physicians examined him, so that's wonderful news.”  

 Brunson begged medics not to call him out for the game after stumbling off the floor in Cleveland, even though he could not walk  

 Precious Achiuwa and a team trainer helped the All-Star limp by the bench and tunnel.  

 The point guard returned to the locker room to test his left leg pressure and jumping ability. Knicks first said Brunson's comeback was uncertain  

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