Total eclipse of the wallet: Prices to witness solar eclipse soar, hotels charge 10 times regular rate

 The US will experience its first total eclipse since 2017 on Monday, April 8, and tickets are costing more.  

 Leaving Mexico's Pacific coast, the "zone of totality," when the sun disappears totally, crosses Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana,,,

 Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine before reaching Canada's maritime regions.  

 The eclipse cycle takes two and a half hours, but totality, when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, lasts just under four minutes.  

 In Killeen, Texas, Fairfield Inn by Marriott is offering $809 rooms for April 8, One week later, the same lodging costs $103.  

 The benefit is that Killeen eclipse shoppers won't be alone. 

 In Bell County, where the population of 400,000 is predicted to treble, Judge David Blackburn has declared a local calamity.  

 County schools will be closed on April 8, so residents should stock up on food and gas.  

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