Travis Kelce is KC's next weak link due to Andy Reid's possible extension.

Speculation about Andy Reid's retirement ahead of the Super Bowl proved exaggerated as he hinted at continuing with the Chiefs, potentially with a new contract. 

Reid's exceptional coaching has been integral to the Chiefs' rise, turning them from struggling to dominant contenders. 

Negotiations for Reid's new contract, expected to make him the highest-paid coach, are anticipated to commence soon. 

While Reid's leadership is vital, it's acknowledged that success relies on more than just coaching, with Mahomes and other key players also crucial. 

The Chiefs' offseason decisions, including potential contract extensions for players like Chris Jones and L'Jarius Sneed, highlight ongoing challenges. 

Travis Kelce's contract status could become a focus after Reid's potential extension, as he is seen as a key piece alongside Mahomes. 

Mahomes and Reid are secure for the foreseeable future, but the team's continued success will depend on addressing various roster needs. 

Ultimately, while Reid's contract negotiations are significant, maintaining the team's overall cohesion and talent will be crucial for sustained success. 

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