Trending Baby Girl Names Beginning with "E" 

Emma: Derived from the Latin word for “whole” or “universal,” popularized by Jane Austen’s novel. 

Evelyn: With roots in the ancient Germanic name Avila, meaning “desired,” experiencing resurgence in popularity. 

Ella: A diminutive of Ellen or Eleanor, potentially signifying “torch,” “moon,” or “other,” associated with singer Ella Fitzgerald. 

Elizabeth: A timeless classic meaning “my God is an oath,” with notable bearers like Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Emily: Feminine form of Emil, meaning “rival,” perpetually stylish and adorned by writers like Emily Brontë and Emily Dickinson. 

Eleanor: From the French Alienòr, meaning “the other Aenor,” bestowed upon queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. 

Ellie: A short form of Ellen or Eleanor, echoing meanings of “torch” or “moon,” popular as a standalone name. 

Emilia: A variant of Emily, more common in various languages, offering a fresh twist on a classic favorite. 

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