UberX and mismatched furniture: How the Trump team is cutting costs as it prepares for the general election.  

As former President Donald Trump prepares for a pricey general election campaign against President Joe Biden and faces massive legal bills of his own, his team is aggressively striving to keep costs under control.  

Senior advisor Susie Wiles has privately joked that the campaign crew refers to her as a "miser" — and she's not totally incorrect.  

After a recent event, one Trump aide was touting the Uber he rode home before hurriedly informing the group that it was an UberX and the lowest choice available.   

"Susie would kill me if she thought I spent more than I had to," the source said, adding that Wiles was so focused on the line items that she noticed a lower-level staffer's automobile choice - a possibly minor cost difference.  

Senior advisor Chris LaCivita, however, has privately complained that the former president's characteristic huge rallies are prohibitively expensive.   

He has pushed the campaign to make a strong effort to hold his events in smaller, less expensive locations, according to talks with various Trump associates.  

He has officially said that the former president  

"Any organization that is concerned, or at least puts that level of concern, at the forefront, you're gonna get better bids for business," LaCivita told CNN regarding the campaign's aim to decrease expenses across the board.  

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