Ukraine's drones strike another Russian cruiser, Kyiv claims.  

 Proper nutrition is more important than strict calorie tracking or food restrictions when it comes to healthy,,,

 long-term weight loss. Nutritionally sound eating habits are associated with keeping the weight off in the long run, according to research.  

 Fruits, veggies, and lean proteins should be at the top of your weekly grocery list for weight loss if you're trying to keep the weight off.  

 Keep reading for a list of additional pantry staples and some ideas for how to incorporate them into healthy snacks, meals, and treats.  

 There are a number of ways in which making a list before you go grocery shopping might be useful.  

 Planning your meals for the week ahead of time might help alleviate some of the stress that comes with doing so.   

 In addition, you can make sure that all the diners can find something they like, regardless of their dietary restrictions.2  

 When you prepare ahead of time, you can also save money.   

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