University President Takes Stand Against Transgender Athlete

A university president issued a statement about transgender players in sports.

Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr., the president of Houghton University, issued a statement on Monday about transgender athletes in athletics.

"I reached the place where I could no longer remain silent on this issue," Lewis told the crowd. "When I see young women with Houghton written across their uniform…

at a competitive disadvantage, sometimes losing opportunities that are hard-earned, there is no way that I, as their president, will continue to sit on the sidelines and refuse to advocate for change.

Lewis' school is a Christian liberal arts college, but he insists it is not a religious matter.

This isn't about denigrating someone. This is about sticking up for what is correct. I thank God that we live in a country where we have the right to express ourselves whatever we want. 

 However, those freedoms cannot be used to deprive others of their freedoms and opportunities. 

 That is crossing the line, and we have crossed the line by allowing biological guys to compete in women's athletics. 

My hope is that we can come together on this issue and get back to what is best for women's athletics," he said.

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