US Senate independent Kyrsten Sinema will not run again. 

Washington, March 5 (Reuters) Independent U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced on Tuesday that she../

 will not seek reelection in the highly contested state, which will be crucial to her previous Democratic Party's slim majority.  

 Sinema's decision sets up a November 2024 matchup between Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego  

A former Marine veteran who fought in Iraq, and far-right Republican Kari Lake, who failed a 2022 run for Arizona governor.  

 Sinema, 47, was elected in 2018 as a Democrat, but her party chastised her for blocking President...

 Joe Biden and moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin's policies  

 They most strongly opposed changing the Senate's filibuster rule to allow Democrats to pass substantial voting rights legislation.  

 While serving as the first out bisexual senator, Sinema earned the respect of her Senate colleagues as a determined politician who would tackle tough topics until solutions were achieved.  


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