Using Cannabis Can Help You Lose Weight – But It Comes With Steep Consequence

 Obesity has recently emerged as a major public health concern around the world, and it is rapidly becoming an epidemic in India as well.  

 There are a number of active investigations into the search for fat-busting natural substances with ,,,

 the hope of incorporating theminto dietary correction strategies.  

 As part of this endeavor, research has consistently shown that curcumin Regular cannabis users, even if they have an increased appetite ("the munchies"),,,

 are less likely to be overweight and develop diabetes than non-users.   

 But there is some bad news: scientists at UC Irvine have come up with a possible explanation for this apparently contradicting phenomena.  

 Cell Metabolism is the most current publication to feature the study's conclusions. 

 A large portion of the adult cannabis population started using the drug when they were teenagers .

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