After Dog Mauling, Pastry Chef Sues Animal Control for $800,000. 

 “Bubbie,” the neighborhood dog that attacked Cheryl Wakerhauser, was a nuisance. 

 Portland pastry chef Cheryl Wakerhauser, who was savagely assaulted by a pit bull while jogging on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard....

 wants $800,000 from Multnomah County Animal Services.  

 Wakerhauser was assaulted by “Bubbie,” a local nuisance dog running loose in the parking area of an empty office building.   

 According to the civil complaint, animal control declined to seize Bubbie or cite his homeless owner after a previous attack on Rocky, a poodle.  

The complaint claims Wakerhauser was bitten 35 times on her arms and legs, leaving lifelong scars. 

 After headlines and nightly newscasts, the county seized and released the dog to its owner's mother, then impounded it again  

After public outcry, the county now quarantines dogs that bite humans for 10 days in animal control.  


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