Watermelon Smoothie Bowl. My thick watermelon smoothie bowl is made with just three ingredients. All you need are frozen watermelon, strawberries, and kefir.  

I'm always looking for new smoothie bowl options! I was eating a large bowl of watermelon the other day and remembered that I hadn't prepared any smoothies or smoothie bowls with it yet! So I froze the leftover watermelon chunks for the following day.  

First, I attempted to combine only watermelon. Okay, it was quite pleasant and ideal for cooling you off on a hot day. However, the texture was not too creamy. I would hardly even call it watermelon sorbet.  

I then tried preparing it with half frozen watermelon and half frozen pineapple. The texture was definitely improved; I'd describe it as a creamy watermelon sorbet.   

However, it was not quite as creamy as I had hoped. I believe because pineapples contain a lot of water, the texture is more "icy."  

Finally, I tried frozen watermelon and strawberries, and with a lot of blending, the texture was perfect! A perfectly smooth and creamy watermelon sorbet smoothie bowl.   

The best thing is that the sorbet contains no added sugar!Smoothie bowls are a fantastic way to consume nutrient-rich fruits. Just be cautious about adding anything with added sugars, such as flavored plant milks and flavored yogurts.  

If you want to make your smoothie bowl as healthy as possible, only use frozen fruit and plain milk or kefir. Add some nutritious toppings like hemp seeds, flax seeds, or cashew butter.  

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