We Ranked 12 Classic American Sandwiches From Worst To Bes 

 Perhaps no culinary category is as distinctly American as sandwiches. Even though a British aristocrat is the source of the sandwich's name, Americans are primarily responsible for appropriating it and giving it a distinctive American twist. Nowadays, sandwiches come in a variety of forms, from the heaping pastrami sandwiches from your neighborhood  

 Alright, alright. We comprehend. A baseball stadium visit isn't complete unless you have a hot dog in your hand.  

 1. Hot dog

 Our word of choice to characterize a traditional Reuben sandwich would be "overwhelming.  

 2 Reuben sandwich

 In and of themselves, French dips are nothing more than peculiar sandwiches.  

 3.French dip

 If it weren't for the television show "The Bear" on FX, we don't think that many people outside of Chicago would be familiar with the concept of a Chicago beef sandwich  

 4.Chicago beef

 We have wonderful recollections of eating these sandwiches when we were children, despite the fact that they produced a great deal of mess.In theory, sloppy Joes are a cool sandwich, but in practice, they are not very practical.  

 5. Sloppy Joes

 One can give a club sandwich some credit for its inventiveness because it is composed of a variety of components. A poultry basis (often turkey), bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise are the only components that are required to make a club sandwich.  

 6. Club sandwic

 As a native New Englander, I am able to freely praise (and despise) lobster rolls, particularly the ones that are served with a spicy sauce. The hot lobster roll is something that can be found at virtually any seafood shack in the New England region.

 7. Hot lobster rol

 The fact that we placed this sandwich in the center of the pack is not due to a profound aversion to mayonnaise; rather, it is because of something else. To be more specific, the texture of egg salad is the biggest problem that we have with it.

 8. Egg sala

 Even though we are aware that our viewpoint will result in a deluge of hate mail, we are going to express it anyway: cheeseburgers are not nearly as tasty as they are advertised to be.  

 9. Cheeseburge

 Served with seafood, a po' boy is a traditional dish from Louisiana. One of the most traditional preparations is the shrimp po' boy, which consists of shrimp that has been marinated and then fried, all of which are sandwiched between lettuce.

 10.Po' boy

 Open the door of a New York Jewish deli, and you'll smell one thing, and one thing only: pastrami. The delis here pile the pastrami on rye high.

11. Pastrami on rye

 In the event that you find yourself in Philadelphia, it is imperative that you make it a point to acquire a cheesesteak from Philadelphia. These sub sandwiches are topped with layers of ribeye steak that has been shaved, onions that have been caramelized, and provolone cheese.   

 12. Cheesesteak

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