What Is the Average Bench Press at the NFL Combine?

 Numerous players are eager to showcase their skills and earn a significant amount of money in preparation for the 2024 NFL Draft at the NFL Combine.  

 The event is being held this year from Monday, February 26 to Monday, March 4.  

 Teams can evaluate players' talent, strength, and athleticism at various positions by using the variety of drills offered by the Combine.  

 The bench press is one of those drills. What is the NFL Combine average for bench press?  

 Indianapolis, Indiana's Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the NFL Scouting Combine.  

 Teams conducted individual visits before it began in 1982.  

 Apart from the on-field component, numerous interviews and medical evaluations are also conducted, all of which are crucial to the process.  

 By choosing to take part in this activity, players will test their ability to press 225 pounds repeatedly.   

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