What’s the Deal With Kate Winslet’s Extreme Mold Paranoia in The Regime’s First Episode?

It must have been a mixed bag for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to break the 40,000-point barrier in his NBA career  

 He feels proud of the accomplishment, but also sad since he did it in his team's loss to the Denver Nuggets.  

During the post-game press conference, LeBron James declared, "No jamais me preocupo en un record personal cuando estoy luchando en la duela...

 pero tengo mucho respeto por la familia de los Lakers por mostrarme ese cariño en el tiempo muerto [tras conseguir el record]". 

 "Ser el primero en hacer esto es genial, porque sabes la historia de la liga, los grandes que jugaron aquí...

 Y también ves los grandes jugadores que estuvieron aquí esta noche" , said.  

 Elena's fixation with mold and her probable fate are most clear when she hosts a luncheon to negotiate with the US president. She feels comfortable with  

 dehumidifiers under every table, but she loses her cool when Herbert indiscreetly broadcasts the room's humidity, highlighting her biggest fear and putting her....

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