Who are Caitlin Clark's NBA counterparts?  

Caitlin Clark has had quite a year.   

First, she captivated the nation's attention by leading Iowa to the NCAA tournament final  

then she broke the NCAA all-time scoring record during a scorching regular season and declared for the WNBA draft.   

Clark, possibly the best collegiate basketball player in history, will soon start on a promising professional career.  

Caitlin Clark is a perpetually offensive goddess. She rules fire from above while remaining as cold as ice.   

Regardless of the outcome, she will shatter your defenses and drop your jaw; such are her abilities.  

To locate her NBA counterpart, we must identify a point guard  

who carries a significant offensive burden and is a high-volume 3-point shooter while maintaining outstanding efficiency.   

Clark, listed at 6-foot-0, is a large point guard but not quite the stature of a WNBA wing.   

Luka Doncic is the NBA player whose offensive production most closely resembles Clark's.  

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