Who is Jason Palmer? The entrepreneur who defeated Biden in the American Samoa caucuses.  

In an unexpected but politically insignificant upset on Super Tuesday,   

entrepreneur Jason Palmer defeated US President Joe Biden in the American Samoa Democratic caucuses.  

On Tuesday night, the local Democratic Party chair verified to ABC News that Palmer had won,   

despite the fact that both candidates had fewer than 100 votes on the ballot  

With 99% of the anticipated votes counted, Palmer leads with 56%, followed by Biden with 44%.  

The results are Biden's first loss in the nomination contest. However, this has no significant impact on his massive overall advantage, as he appears to be headed for a rematch with former President Donald Trump in the general election.  

Palmer told ABC News late Tuesday that he realized he had won American Samoa at precisely 9:30 p.m.  

ET while sitting in a hotel in Washington, D.C., when his cellphone began ringing nonstop with several media outlets and multiple staffers texting him directly.  

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