Why OKC Thunder's Mark Daigneault isn't 'trying to follow our shadow' with rebounding 

 The Thunder have been lauded for their distinctiveness.  

 To short stacks instead of skyscrapers, skill players and ball handlers instead of bruisers and enforcers.  

 Instead of Andre Drummond, choose Kenrich Williams. Dismissing deadline rotating minutes for typical big men.  

Despite Jusuf Nurkic's franchise-record 31 rebounds and fans' groans, the Thunder remains unafraid and will keep going until it fails.  

After Sunday's 118-110 win over the Suns, Thunder coach Mark Daigneault observed,   

 We lose the rebounding battle a lot of nights." We'll tolerate trade-offs as long as the benefit outweighs the expense  

There's more to the game than rebounding. If we solve every problem, we'll chase our shadow." 

 The Thunder will try to force turnovers like it did Sunday and all season to succeed. Nurkic or a similarly imposing person will always exist  


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