Will Haley drop out? Will Trump turn to moderates? 3 questions Super Tuesday will answer

 Over a dozen states and territories hold primary elections on Super Tuesday in March, which has long shaped presidential races. 

 The 2024 election cycle is already confusing, but Super Tuesday promises to answer voters' burning issues  

On the eve of the now-famous day, Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley finishes a multi-state sprint.  

Tuesday may be Haley's last chance to challenge GOP frontrunner and former President Donald Trump for the White House.   

The first Tuesday in March will see presidential primaries in 15 states and one territory  

 Voters will trim the field in heated congressional races and the first governor primary in North Carolina, a swing state.   

 Check out our Voter Guide to see who is running for president and their positions on major issues  

 Since beginning his campaign in 2022, the former president has appeared destined for the GOP nomination.  

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