Will Licorice Take Over Your Coffee, Cocktails, and More, Ready or Not?  

Despite being widely disliked, licorice flavor is gaining popularity in drinks at various establishments. 

Dayglow Coffee in Los Angeles serves the French Dispatch, inspired by Parisian flavors and containing licorice. 

Underberg, a bitter digestif, is used in several drinks at Dayglow, including the Licorice Pizza. 

Bartender Mike Wait created the Reykjavik Mule using Icelandic salted licorice liqueurs. 

Gina Hoover at Cure cocktail bar in New Orleans crafted the Nocturne, featuring anise-flavored Varnelli L'Anice Secco Speciale. 

Hoover believes that the rise of licorice-flavored drinks is a silver lining of the COVID pandemic, as people explore new tastes. 

Lesser-known spirits are gaining attention, contributing to the acceptance of once-unpopular flavors. 

Licorice, fennel, and anise flavors are becoming more appealing as our palates evolve. 

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