Xquisite X-Names: Eight Unique Baby Names Starting with X 

Xander - A strong and modern name of Greek origin meaning "defender of the people." 

Xavier - A classic and sophisticated name of Arabic origin meaning "bright" or "splendid." 

Ximena - A beautiful and elegant name of Spanish origin, popular in Latin American cultures. 

Xanthe - A charming and rare name of Greek origin meaning "golden" or "yellow." 

Xena - A bold and fierce name, popularized by the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess." 

Xiomara - A unique and lyrical name of Spanish origin meaning "famous in battle." 

Xylon - A modern and distinctive name of Greek origin meaning "from the forest." 

Xia - A graceful and exotic name of Chinese origin meaning "glow of the sunrise" or "summer." 

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