Yellowstone sensation Luke Grimes releases great new country music.

Luke Grimes’ EP “pain pills or Pews” dropped Friday, and it’s a should-listen for usa music lovers. 

the person well-known for playing Kayce Dutton on “Yellowstone” has a booming united states song career. He’s not only a proficient actor. 

Grimes is each bit as desirable at making a song united states of america songs as he is placing bad guys in the ground because the youngest Dutton track on the neo-Western hit. 

Luke Grimes drops new song. in contrast to the pop us of a that is commercially famous however doesn’t have a message, Grimes song is deep, darkish and a roller coaster.

“pain pills or Pews” features a total of 8 tracks, and they all are first rate. several have been already out, and the brand new ones “Ghost of Who We have been,” “where It’s Blue” and “Ain’t dead yet” all were released Friday. 

you could listen to all three formerly unreleased songs underneath, and take a look at out the whole EP on Spotify. 

Grimes is outrageously gifted. It’s always brilliant to peer a guy who’s fairly proficient dabble in more than just one element. Kayce Dutton is one of the first-class characters on “Yellowstone,” and Grimes’ acting is a large reason why.

With the show on hiatus for the foreseeable future, he’s persevered to recognition on growing his tune career. thus far, he’s had incredible success. 

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