‘Yellowstone’ star Lainey Wilson on ‘mind-boggling’ career moment 

Lainey Wilson is appreciative of the opportunity to express her true feelings.  

Wilson said to Fox News Digital on the 2024 People's Choice Red Carpet, "It is a blessing that I get to use my platform to speak about things that I truly believe in." Being there is cool for me."

She went on to say, "All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing and write country music, and the opportunities that it has brought me, it blows my mind."  

Wilson spoke before Congress last month, using her position to share her story as a "victim of AI."  

"It’s also mind-boggling that people do listen to what you have to say, but I think it’s really important when you believe in something with your whole heart, I think you gotta talk about it too," a "Yellowstone" actor told Fox News Digital.  

Wilson stated during her testimony, "I use my voice and music to tell stories, to connect with my fans, and to support them in connecting with one another." 

My identity, likeness, and voice are all individually and literally myself in my art. 

I don't need to explain how devastating it is to have your voice, likeness, or name taken from you and used in ways you would never approve of or could never conceive. It is incorrect, period."  

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