Your Definitive Guide to the 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse

 Everything you need to know ahead of the historic total solar eclipse on April 8.

 The Moon will fully block the Sun for an unusually lengthy time during a total solar eclipse, which millions of North Americans will shortly watch.

  In preparation for the Great North American Solar Eclipse, we created this pocket guide.

 I'll date myself, but I distinctly recall the February 26, 1979 complete solar eclipse. 

 Being 8 years old, I didn't realize that a total eclipse of this magnitude wouldn't darken my skies for 45 years.

 The 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse is the first total eclipse in Canada since 1979, Mexico since 1991, and the US since 2017,,,

 Nothing will comparable for North Americans until the 2045 complete solar eclipse, and for Canadians until 2079.

 Due to its lucky path across North America, I and many others will be able to see the next major eclipse.

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