Zverev match: US Open ejects fan for Hitler regime reference

A spectator was kicked out of a US Open tennis tournament in New York on Monday after German player   

Zverev, the No. 12 men's seed, was serving to No. 6 seed Jannik Sinner when he unexpectedly approached the umpire and gestured to a fan behind him.  

"He just said the most famous Hitler phrase there is in this world," Zverev said in the footage, which was broadcast by ESPN. "This is not acceptable.

Umpire James Keothavong gets back in his chair and asks the fan to identify himself. "Put your hand up," Keothavong instructs before constantly asking, "Who said that?"  

During a break in the fourth set of the marathon match that began late Monday and ended early Tuesday, security officers approached a fan and removed him out of the facility.  

"A disparaging remark was directed toward Alexander Zverev," U.S.   

Tennis Association spokesman Chris Widmaier told The Associated Press.   

"The fan was identified and escorted from the stadium." The USTA did not immediately answer to NBC News' request for comment.  

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